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Explosion in space
Hi All

I've been asked to make explosions that take place in space and would like to know how to approach dis type of explosion / simulation,

The current results I get feels more like ink drops in water than an explosion in a vacume.

Has anyone done dis or point me in a direction?

My setup is basic and uses particles as a source of fuel.

Kind Regards
Deon Oosthuizen
Johannesburg, The Flying Circus

I guess that you just need to create an explosion in zero G, so you might want to set gravity to 0.0 for a start.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Hi thanks

I did set gravity to zero. But it feels as if you loose detail when you take gravity away.

I also found simulations results to be very differently between a windows machine and a Linux OS,
our IT thinks it's the way we compiled our Linux.

the reference they gave me to follow was of old WW2 flack explosions that they want in space


Kind Regards
Deon Oosthuizen

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