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BUG report. GPU preview dumps files
Hi, I'm getting a wierd bug, that I can't quite seem to figure out.

Whenever I'm using my GPU preview, a bunch of random files gets dumped on the root of the same drive as where my project is set. The specific file path is not present anywhere in the scene, nor in fumefx.

I've attached a screenshot of the files it creates from just scrubbing two frames. They're not always named the same thing.

I'm simulating as OpenVDB, if that's of any help.

I hope I can get some help, because it's a bit of a mess in the pipeline.

FumeFX creates no such files. GPU Preview creates debug file only when Debug GPU FumeFX option is turned on (make sure it is turned off).

But since you noticed there is a connection between GPU preview and creation of those files, there is a possibility that your Graphic Card Driver creates some sort of debug files in current application folder when GPU Preview is used.

Could you give us some more information: your Windows version, Graphic Card Info (model and driver version), 3ds max Version, FumeFX version.

Also, is there a pattern in names of those files? Are they created in every scene when using GPU Preview? Do files contain some readable text or numbers, or it is just random binary data?

Josip Sumecki
Hi, there is a connection somehow. I have not turned Debug on, but it has only happened when i'm using the OpenVDB format.

I am using windows 7 and a nvidia GTX 980 graphics card. I'm using the newest driver version: 372.90

Below is the first line of text in a very large dump file. This seems to have some readable information related to the fumefx grid. The rest seems to be random data.

"BDV ß  5197d5c4-a217-4d89-86b9-8caead2f9072  Adaptive bool 
FFXVDBVersion int32   L vec3s Y,$DC•Eº\D Lmax vec3s (6mD
Hi Asger,
first, make sure GPU debug is turned off (in last message you wrote you turned on GPU Debug).

This indeed is related to OpenVDB. Could you check if those files are created when using OpenVDB, but without GPU Preview window (e.g. use CPU Preview or display grid in viewport).

This dump file header you posted is header of a valid OpenVDB file. You could probably just change file extension to .vdb and use it as any other OpenVDB file.

FumeFX creates only OpenVDB cache files (one per frame when cache output format is OpenVDB). Could you check that OpenVDB cache files are created upon simulation?

Josip Šumečki
Hi, I think you might have misread my previous message regarding the GPU debug. It is indeed turned off.

So far, the files are not being created when using the CPU preview window or when using the display grid.

The correct OpenVDB cache files are being created and stored in the correct folders. What I'm most curious about, is why these additional files are being created and stored on the root path of the server I'm working on. Like this: "\\servername\mounted project drive" My Max project path is set way further in on this drive, and Fumefx is set to cache to my local scratch/cache disk.

right now I do have a work around where I'm simply working with .fxd files, and then doing a post-processing cache to convert it to OpenVDB for rendering.

I don't really know if there's anything to do to stop it. But I can easily use the workaround that I have so far.
Hi Asger,
sorry I misunderstood the fact that GPU Debug is turned off.

We are too very curious about OpenVDB files being created when GPU Preview is turned on since GPU Preview does not create any files at any situation. This is actually first time someone reported such issue.

The way FumeFX works is that FumeFX plugin loads cache and calls GPU Preview, CPU Preview, or viewport renderer to draw it. It doesn't do anything different when loading caches for GPU or CPU Preview.

Also the only situation at which FumeFX writes OpenVDB files is when simulated cache is being saved so we are very surprised to see such an issue happened.

We will try to reconstruct this situation so I will need following informations: 3ds max version, FumeFX version.

Also, please provide us with some simple scene which produces this issue if possible.

Josip Šumečki
allright, I've tried to recreate the conditions for a typical scene. Although it was not possible for me to use the network as a project path so it's done locally.

The files are being created in this test scene but they disappear after about 2-3 seconds after creation. Much like a temp file. They appear on the root of the mounted drive as before (this time local scratch cache) "K:\" .The project path is "K:\FumeFX" just to make sure that there's no direct path to the place where the files are being created.

The best way to look for these files as they are being created, is to play the simmed scene (with realtime ticked off) with the GPU preview open as well as the explorer folder for K:\ open. Otherwise you might miss them as there doesn't seem to be a pattern for when they're created. It happens very randomly. Also I don't know why they're being automatically deleted in this test scene, but not in my previous scenes. Perhaps something to do with the mounted network drives/sharepoints or the resolution/size of the files.

3ds max 2017 SP2
FumeFx 4.05

I might try to upgrade Max to SP3. See if that does anything

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