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Stepping/ Stutter in resimulation
I doing a post processing with retime with a value of 0.07 enabled on an existing simulation.
As I am still doing the testing, I kept the gird spacing at default 1.
But while reading the post cache, there is stutter in first 150 frames for every 20 frames or so.
Any ideas on how i could reduce this.

This can happen if there are simulation sub-steps during the default simulation or fire is burning with high expansion value.

Kresimir Tkalcec
You mean, Maximum Simulation steps more than the default value of 1.
I kept the expansion of fuel at the default value of 1 . I will check reducing it and see.
Yes, with more than one sub-step, the retiming will usually go wrong.

Kreismir Tkalcec
Ah thanks, But I kept the substeps at 1.
Also I noticed that changing the temperature in the source from 3000 to 300, seems to have reduced it a little bit. But there is still a stepping in the simulation.

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