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Follow Field is not evaluated in batch mode
On particle intense shots i would like to cache particles on the renderfarm instead of my workstation.

Normally this is no problem at all, i just have to add this to the "Pre Render Mel Area":

select "nParticleShape1";doCreateNclothCache 5 { "3", "1", "100", "OneFilePerFrame", "1", "","0","","0", "add", "0", "1", "1","0","1","mcx" } ;

Problem is that the FumeFX Followfield does not get evaluated on a batch job. Particles get cached but without the influence of the Followfield. Fume SL License is activated and running.

This is a major issue, not only because of the inability of creating normal caches on the farm but also because of fume in conjunction with krakatoa.

This workflow does work on 3DS Max.

This bug has been resolved in FumeFX 4 for Maya.
Dino Malpera

we updated to 4.0, but unfortunately the follow field still is not evaluated in batch mode.
I added the maya file that i was using as a test.

Like described earlier, i am using a fume sim (of cource cached) to emit and a follow field to get the particles to move with the sim.
A pre render script is supposed to cache the particles in batch mode.

Locally it works, but eventually i need this to work if i want to sim millions of particles for krakatoa.

Maya 2016 Ext 1 + SP 5
Windows 7
Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3
64 GB Ram
I followed your instructions to the letter, but cannot reproduce the problem.

I've downloaded mb file, simulated 100 frames, switched FumeFX to SL mode and ran console batch script (software renderer 1 frame). The only changes I've made to your scene were changing cache path and changing doCreateNclothCache range to 50 frames (didn't want to wait).

Does it work for you when you cache particles locally in batch? Is FumeFX4 available on the renderFarm? Could you try opening and saving the scene with FumeFX4 and then sending it to renderFarm?
Dino Malpera
I executed the job again, this time with a path in the nCache command and it worked! Awesome. Am not sure if this was the problem, but it works, thats the key. Now i have to try Krakatoa.

Thanks for testing.
I'm glad you got it working.
Dino Malpera

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