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issue with simulation steps and particles
I always get this warning:

// Warning: FumeFX : Maximum simulation steps parameter is set to 4, yet no global oversampling is used for particle system.

altough I cached my particles with substeps..
I also noticed, it doesn't work accurately (the fume sim) unless I have the "show in viewport" checkbox active on the ffxParticleSource..
still get the warning, but it does the sim..

I have this problem too. It happens when you use nParticles
I'm just not sure, if it does the sim correctly or not.. for e.g. I've cached my nparticles with substep of 2 (evolution = 0.5/fr) but I can go in fume fx to 4 substeps and still calculates.. as long as I've the ffxParticleSource on display in viewport..

seems to work, but not sure if its accurate, as some times it gives out weird results..

with std particles that doesn't happen? weird, as the caching is almost identical..
Both issues are resolved in FumeFX 4 for Maya.
Dino Malpera

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