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PFlow-ABurn Operator bugged in Max 2015?
Has anyone noticed this problem in Max 2015 SP3 using AB: Very often you cannot drag a PFlow-Aburn operator to an event. When you do, very often the operator creates a scene node but the operator is missing from the event or from particle view; however, the operator params are sometimes available in the Parameters tool when selecting other operators in the event.
Shawn Olson
USD Product Owner for 3ds Max & Maya @ Autodesk
Developer @ Wall Worm and Black Mesa

We have noticed some weird behavior under 3ds max 2015.
Update is under works and will be released along with FumeFX 4.0 since both updates will share some updates.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec
hi ,
in max 2015 sp3 with aburn 4.1.4 ( fume 3.55 ) max crashes all the time while rendering.(preparing lights....=) . switching lights OFF was not helpful.
do you have a working AB.version for 2015, since in 2013 everything is rendering as it should.
the file setup has been done in 2009.
thanks in advance.

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