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Fume with VRayVolumeGrid
Hi im trying to export very simple fume smoke to VRayVolumeGrid via f3d format
but when i read f3d on VRayVolumeGrid and render its pop up error
[PhoenixSimPlugin] Error loading simulation data for time 1!

(note that i export from frame 1 - 100)

did i need some extra setup when export f3d format to render on VrayVolumeGrid ?
any suggestion ? thank you !!
most software which have ability to import Field3D files doesn't recognize default compression which FumeFX uses when exporting to Field3D caches.

Try changing "Field3D Compression" to "gzip" in FumeFX Preferences dialog.

However, be aware that gzip compression produces larger files, and is much slower than Proprietary FumeFX compression.

Josip Šumečki
I am currently trying to use Fume with VRayVolumeGrid, for the incandescence channel I have read that fume would store the fire channel into the fuel in field3D gzip compression, but right now my fuel channel is the "real" fuel and not the fume fire. Is there a setting I need to change?

Hope this is clear, my info came mostly from this thread (which I know is for pheonixFD, but as I understand it should still apply)

http://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/P220 ... withFumeFX#

I'm sorry we cannot help as we do not have experience with VRayVolumeGrid.

Kresimir Tkalcec
The fire would be visible when you tweak parameters on the incandescence
Select temperature in the incand*** input and then tweak the parameters of input scale
And luminance.
Tweak the opacity channel also by decreasing the Simple smoke factor.

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