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Bug Report: Extra detail channel info from 2.1c to 3.5.3

We just upgraded our licenses from version 2.1c to 3.5.3. We have encountered a bug where the new version does not recognize wavelet turbulence (extra detail channel) from the 2.1c simulation.

It seems as though version 3.5.3 sees fluid mapping in the extra detail from the 2.1c sim, instead of wavelet turbulence, and I am 100% positive this is not the case. We receive an error message when attempting to simulate wavelet (note: not exact message) "Extra detail channel contains fluid mapping information, wavelet turbulence info is required to continue sim. Please re-run default simulation with wavelet turbulence."

We have reverted to 2.1c on 2 workstations temporarily, because we want to avoid re-simulating the default cache, which is pretty long.


Hello Erico,

I am sorry, but in FumeFX 3 we did lots of improvements for the Wavelet Turbulence which have resulted in a faster code and a lot smaller file size, but a "side effect" was that the file structure and computations we not backwards compatible.


Kresimir Tkalcec

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