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Maya 2014 compatibility
I have problems with fume not rendering with mental ray on Maya 2014 Extension (2014.5)
Simulation works fine but mental ray just renders black.
Maya 2013 on the same machine works.

Windows 7 64
Intel Dual Xeon E5-2640, 64 GB, Quadro 4000
Maya 2014 Extension

We have Maya 2014x64 SP2 and it renders okay.
Make sure that ffxDyna.dll is located under mentalrayForMaya2014\shaders
and ffxDyna.mi inside mentalrayForMaya2014\shaders\include

I hope this helps.


I checked if those files are in the right folders and they are. Still rendering with mental ray does not work.
Maya Extension is different from Maya 2014 SP2, it was just released by Autodesk and can be downloaded by customers with a subscription.
I am using 2013 now, but would like to switch to 2014 at some point.

Thank you,
Hello Radoslaw,

As I was able to see, Extensions didn't bring anything new to mental ray, but according to your report, they did a break in the SDK.
We will install Extensions and see what is going on with mental ray rendering.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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