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Opacity-mapped scene elements
I'm working on rendering a 3D galaxy using Afterburn for the galaxy's nebulosity, and wanted to have some additional stars scattered through the volume of the galaxy for additional interest, so I created a second PFlow particle system with 2D opacity-mapped "cards", each of which has a glowing star mapped onto it, facing the camera. The hope was that these would be integrated into the volume of the Afterburn effect and be properly obscured by the clouds, especially in a fly-through.

When the scene is rendered, however, the transparent parts of the rectangles containing the opacity-mapped stars are unfortunately very visible -- see attached images of a simple Afterburn volume and opacity mapped stars, showing visible (RGB) channels and alpha channel.

Is there a workaround or setting for this that I'm missing? I'm thinking that I may be able to pull this off by rendering a second pass with all the lights on the Afterburn effect turned off (black) and then compositing the resulting image -- At least, my initial tests trying this approach seem to indicate that the stars are being obscured by the Afterburn clouds.

Can anyone who has tried this reply and indicate whether or not this is a viable approach? Or let me know of a good workaround? Thanks!
Hello Tom,

I suppose that you're using Octane Shader which will exhibit those artifacts. However, everything should be fine if you use the Raymarcher.

I hope this helps.


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