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cannot see AB's radius in viewport [win7] when FumeFX is...
When we change the OS to win7, our machines cannot see AfterBurn's radius in the viewport (& it's killing me!!)

It is onceagain fine when FumeFX is not installed.
Could you double check wheather it is working correctly(both of them are installed)in Win7?

Windows7 SP1
3dsMax2012 SP2
Afterburn 4.0d
FumeFX 2.1c

It seems THAT "Recommended Nitrous Driver" makes AB radius disappear.

When I turned on Direct3D or OpenGL it works perfectly.It's not FumeFX is disabling it.
(I didn't even notice that I'm using Nitrous Driver by defalut!!)

thanks for following thread


There is AfterBurn 4.1 - not sure if that one woulf fix the issues you're seing, but it will break compatibility with FumeFX 2.1c.
FumeFX 2.1d should be ready next week and it'll work with AfterBurn 4.1 and it'll add 3ds max 2013 support.

Thank you.


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