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Vray material viewed through SeaMaterial
So I have the following setup:

A Dreamscape sun and Dreamscape environment.
A sea surface with a standard SeaMaterial.
A standard camera positioned above the sea surface, looking down into the water.
A sphere placed beneath the sea surface.

Basically, you're above water, looking down at a sphere beneath the surface of the water.

I'm rendering the scene using Vray.

When I use a standard Max material on the sphere, I can see through the water to the material. For example, if I apply a standard yellow material to the sphere, I see a yellow sphere beneath the water.

However, when I use a VRayMtl on the sphere, the material appears black beneath the surface of the water.

Is there a way for a VRayMtl to render correctly when viewed through a SeaMaterial?

See attached for an example. The sphere on the left has a yellow standard material. The sphere on the right has a yellow VRayMtl (but renders as black).

Thanks for any help!

I'm afraid that VRay is the only one that can handle VRay materials. DS Sea Material does its own reflection/refraction and is not recognized by VRay.


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