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Is non-clamped color work with afterburn?
Hi, just want to confirm that if the fusionworks non-clamped color work with Afterburn or not, because I am unable to get a unclamped render.


It should work - try to save to hdr.

Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I'm experiencing the same problem in 3dsmax 2014 and scan-line renderer.

I can get unclamped colors from the preview (beauty render) but when rendering a FumeFX Fire or Smoke render element, I'm getting clamped colors.

I've tried EXR and HDR file formats. FusionWorks has "non-Clamped Color" checked.

renochew, were you able to get this working?
Hello s_luebbert,

All I can confirm is that FumeFX 3.5.5 Fire and Smoke RE does not clamp the colors it computes.
Render Elements are completely independent from the FusionWorks.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks for the quick reply!

After more investigation, I can't get ANY Render Element to output un-clamped values in max 2014. Even in a simple test seen (bright light on a sphere) only the beauty render is un-clamped, every other RE I've tried is clamped... even "Luminance HDR" is clamped.

I feel like I'm missing something basic here with Render Elements, or maybe its just a major oversight on Autodesk's part?

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