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vray 2 crash when trying to render afterburn 4.0b, max 2011

max 2011 x64 win 7 x64 afterburn 4.-0b vray 2.00.03

I created a very simple scene with some particles on a geometry to create a cloud and I get a lot of crashes trying to render with vray...

If I render wihout shadow it renders fine.

with shadow. If I reduce the render bucket under 50 it seems to crash everytime.
I managed to render my scene correctly again in scanline.

Honestly, do you suggest always using scanline for rendering Afterburn. Or do you think it should be compatible with vray?

I have fumeFX too which seems to work better than afterburn with vray. But afterburn is still my prefered choice for some effects like missiles trails or cartoon clouds.

Can you please post a scene so we can check it ?
We use fR for testing 3rd party renderer compatibility, but it is
possible that VRay works in some areas diferent than Scanline and fR.


Sorry for the delay, but I'm still getting this bug in last versions of max (2012) vra (2.10.01) and aburn (4.0d corrected from this week).

[Image: vrayCrash.JPG]

I'm using standard shadowmap.

And here is a very simple scene that will crash if you try to render it (just a pflow emitter and aburn applied to it with a standard direct light with shadow map. Self shadow enabled. If you disable self shadow it will render.

http://www.strob.net/sitnisatiforum/abu ... sh_001.max

I loaded your scene into 3ds max 2010x64 with VRay 2.00.02 and it rendered without the crash, alought it was very slow compared to the Scanline.

Probably they changed something betwen those two builds ?


But the only thing crashing with vray 2.10.01 is Afterburn shadow... fume fx is not crashing. Do afterburn calculate shadow in a different way than fumefx?

I will write to chaosgroup too but I guess they will send me back to you.

For sure I can render with scanline for afterburn, but I would like to be able to render with vray to be able to use distributed rendering.
It's pretty much similar, unless you use AfterBurn Shadow Map.
It could be that they have changed something from between those two VRay builds.

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