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fire tutorial
hi everyone,

im new to afterburn, or at least dont use it that often.

i need a cool and detailed fire effect. animatable! to setup a adequate particle system is no problem, all i need is some clue for a good afterburn setup. i really would appreciate any help or link to a good tutorial. Smile

thanks in advance.

Allan McKay did release a DVD trhough TurboSquid:

http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/I ... /ID/236836

It contains AfterBurn tutorials as well.

thanks kreso,

i think i already got a decent result and it works well in animation.
[Image: afterburn.test.gif]
however, the dvd is very interesting. Smile
Hi Roman,

ist looks very good. I hope you can give me a Tip how to create such a result...Is ist done with AB-Combustion or Paricles ?
When done with Paricles, could you give me a Tip ? (no complete Tutorial, although is would be very nice !)

Thank you and best wishes
sure, i used afterburn with particles.

- width of plane emitter: 7,5 meter

- birth rate 8000
- wind turbolence, upsidedown gravity and drag sw's as forces
- in addition 150 speed
- lifespan 16 variation 10

for afterburn:
- super low falloff
- octane shader
- color 1 basically rgb: 159,36,12
- sphere radius from 0.5 to about 20
- increasing auto stretch 3
- high gain, low bias, animated blur form 1 to 0.5
- fBm turbolence
- density between 0 - 4 - 0 within lifetime
- noise size between 8 - 35
- a little threshold tweaking
- a little phase anim

and some motion blur. that's it.
Thank you a lot !
I will immediately try it out. (May be ill ask again Wink, but may be the "hot" tip is included in your Posting)


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