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AfterBurn and FumeFX bundle !
Zagreb, August 26th, 2010.

Sitni Sati d.o.o. is pleased to announce that AfterBurn users are eligible to purchase FumeFX 2 at a tremendous savings until the end of 2010. FumeFX 2 is the current standard for physically based smoke, fire and explosions within 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. It retails for $845.00 US, but AfterBurn users can purchase FumeFX 2 until the end of December for only $495.00 US! This also means that we have a limited time offer for AfterBurn and FumeFX bundle for $1040 US.

Great thing about having AfterBurn, FumeFX, ScatterVL Pro and even standard 3ds max Fog in the same scene is that they will perfectly blend even with the Scanline renderer. With our tools, you don't need to buy special renderer licenses in order to be able to properly render those effects.
FumeFX 2 also comes with advanced tools for adding wavelet turbulence details to your simulations (a huge production timesaver) as well as sophisticated retiming tools for instantly tweaking the speed of your effects. It also comes with two simulation licenses (a $390 value) so you can offload your simulations to other network machines, leaving you free to productive while FumeFX calculates its results.

This offer means you can buy the same tools used by Blur, ILM, Encore Hollywood and many other high-end studios to make stunning visual effects at nearly a 50% discount just because you are an AfterBurn user.

Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts and get your copy of FumeFX 2 now !

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