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AB, Volume Lights and occlusion of atmospheric effects
Say I have a bunch of particles in a disk-like distribution with Afterburn applied for a cloudy effect. Like a spiral galaxy. I need a light area in the centre of the galaxy, so I create a Volume Light. The trouble is, because of the way atmospherics are set up, I have to choose between having the Volume Light in front of Afterburn or behind it. I can't have it 'in the middle' of the Afterburn volumetrics.

So for example, if I have it in front of Afterburn and look from the side of the disk, the cloudy effect doesn't occlude the Volume Light. On the other hand, if I have it behind Afterburn, the Volume Light is occluded by the Afterburn cloudy effect behind it, which also isn't what would happen in real life.

I can't think of any way round this. I can't even think of a decent way to composite the two.
Does anybody have any ideas? Or any alternatives to using a Volume Light?

Hi Mark,

You can buy ScatterVL Pro that will blend with AfterBurn and FumeFX as well.
Also, everything will properly blend with standard 3ds max fog.

2011 isn't listed on the BUY page. Is it compatible?

Yes, you can use max 2010 installation as those are 100% compatible, but
will make 2011 install in a few days.

Great. Thanks.

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