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ffx properties window
it'd be great in future releases to get the ffx window to float no matter what you have selected, so I can select my spacewarps or collision objects and not have the ffx window close. is that doable? and if you have more than one I gues multiple windows or else click on the button in the modify panel to pop up the current one or something.

kinda annoying that it closes when you deselect your container Sad

and in future versions, a relationship editor would be sweet. so lets say I have four wheels with tire smoke burning off of them, and a car body, and another 4 wheels and car body, and I don't want to bother having the first car body interact with my fluids, but I do want to have them interact with the second car and vice versa. right now everything is either interacting or not, so being able to control what collides with what etc. would be sweet. like real flow.

I shoulda mentioned this months ago I guess Tongue

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