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Loading VDB in Fumefx 5
I have a VDB made in Houdini. I would like to load it in FumeFX in Max and render it out. I can see that "Select Caches" allows me to select .vdb files and I can see channel mapper window after doing so. I mapped VDB density (my only channel) to FumeFX Smoke. Grid dimensions were loaded properly etc but:
- it seems that there is no voxel data in any .vdb I load (even though tested vdb files are perfectly fine and do have data as I have tested it in Houdini); I see nothing with Voxel Data Display turned on (showing Smoke channel)
- I see nothing in viewport with GPU preview turned on
- Render is blank
- I tried adding a light and bumping up smoke density in Render tab but still nothing

What is the workflow for loading .vdb files in Fumefx?
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