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fumeFXcmd call

I'm sorry - it is the wrong name listed inside the manual.
It should be loadSimulation and not loadSim.

All commands can be listed with:

help fumeFXcmd

Thank you for the bug report.

As for the second question - both Wavelet and Retimer should be run only when caches they depend on are existing. If the script command you use are not executed in consecutive order but in parallel it will not work.

Kresimir Tkalcec

radobe Wrote:Hello,

i am having problems calling fumeFXcmd -loadSim.

I am getting following error:

fumeFXcmd -loadSim "Y:/test/v020/smoke_.fdc" "fumeFXShape1";
// Error: line 1: Invalid flag '-loadSim' //
// Error: (FumeFX) No node has been provided. //

Tried it in python too but did not work.

Fume v3.5.8
Maya 2015


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