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Simulation via command line bug

radobe Wrote:Fume Simulates the master container, but not the slave container.
I cannot replicate the issue; sims fine for me (both master and slave) in SL mode. If you could attach a scene and the exact command you use to run batch simulations, that would be very helpful in resolving this issue.

radobe Wrote:Furthermore i also have an issue with using the simulation license and particles as emitter. NParticles are cached and emit fine simulating via the UI but sim on Simulation License via command line does not work.
I've managed to replicate this bug; we had a lot of problems with getting particles to work in Maya. For the most part they work fine, but every now and then, there are issues. We hope to resolve many of those in our next release, FumeFX 4 for Maya.
Dino Malpera

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