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Arnold rendering problems
there's an easy way if FumeFX shader is correctly installed.

Do following steps:
* Create a simple FumeFX scene (just FumeFX with few simulated caches is ok)
* Export created scene to .ass file

You can open .ass file in any text editor and try to search for FumeFX inside. If .ass file doesn't contain information about FumeFX, it means that FumeFX translator is not loaded by MtoA plugin. Check "extensions" folder, it must contain FumeFXExtension.dll and FumeFXExtension.py. If it contains those files, then Arnold is not correctly setup (probably Maya.env file).

If .ass file contains information about FumeFX, there are a few more things to check. First, check DSO value for FumeFX inside .ass file. It should contain location of FumeFXShader.dll. If that location is invalid, please post it here so we can examine it. Check that there is FumeFXShader.dll at that location.


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