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Can't render FumeFx in Mental Ray
I got FumeFx awhile back but haven't had a chance to dig deeper into in until now. It is frustrating that I can't use GPU preview window because Maya will crash immediately upon selecting gpu rendering. (See my previous post) Now that I am getting more into FumeFx, I can't even render any of my simulations. I am using Mental Ray. Now that I have a project the requires FumeFx, my frustration level with FumeFx is rising fast.

When I render, I just get a black screen. There isn't anything there. Nothing in the alpha channel. If I have an object in the scene as the emitter, the object will render but no FumeFx. What am I missing. Yes, "Auto Volume" is checked under Features in Mental Ray.

I authorized fumefx maya shaders. Do I have to install FumeFx mental ray shaders seperately? Did I miss something on installation? I have read everything I can think of to find a solution. This could be that I am new to FumeFx, but I did my research before investing in this plugin. Please Help!

My specs:
Maya 2015 sp3
Mental Ray for Maya 2015 sp3 version
FumeFX 3.5.4

OS: Windows 8.2
Intel i7 4770 cpu
Asus Motherboard Sabortooth z87
Nvidia GTX 780ti (latest drivers) 3 gig of ram
32 gig ram
750 ssd Samsung Main drive
1 gig ssd media drive
3 gig harddive storage

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