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Afterburn Mascript methods usage

I don't use maxscript often. I would like to see some example of how to use the methods described in the doc:

for example how do we use these ones:

AddPartsDaemon particle_daemon

LoadPreset filename

what does the "" means?

if I have an aburn effect called "Aburn001" and a pflow node called "PfCloud" how do I add my PfCloud as a particles source in my Abburn001 effect?

For the presets I tried like in fume fx, something like:
$AfterBurnNuages002.LoadPreset "nuages"
but I get "-- Unknown property: "LoadPreset" in undefined"

Would be great if the Afterburn actions could appear in the maxscript recorder, that way less technical people like me could use those method more easily...

Thanks in advance!

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