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AB, Volume Lights and occlusion of atmospheric effects
Say I have a bunch of particles in a disk-like distribution with Afterburn applied for a cloudy effect. Like a spiral galaxy. I need a light area in the centre of the galaxy, so I create a Volume Light. The trouble is, because of the way atmospherics are set up, I have to choose between having the Volume Light in front of Afterburn or behind it. I can't have it 'in the middle' of the Afterburn volumetrics.

So for example, if I have it in front of Afterburn and look from the side of the disk, the cloudy effect doesn't occlude the Volume Light. On the other hand, if I have it behind Afterburn, the Volume Light is occluded by the Afterburn cloudy effect behind it, which also isn't what would happen in real life.

I can't think of any way round this. I can't even think of a decent way to composite the two.
Does anybody have any ideas? Or any alternatives to using a Volume Light?


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