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AfterBurn scripting
I'm writing a script that helps me change some AfterBurn values simultaneously for all my AfterBurns in the scene but get no access to .RenderType
It seems to work on every other parameters like .ProbingStepMultipler or .colorsUsed for example but not on RenderType.
Thats sad, as this is very important

AB 4.0b x64


ok, the next question would be about accessing the color values in the gradients...
The first color gradient in Color rollout has index 2 and after Reset() there are 2 keys.. 0 and 1 with color 255 255 255
now, I can add keys with the color I want but how do I change this two keys that can not be deleted?
there is only a GetKeyColor but no SetKeyColor

.AddKey [0,255,0] makes the first key green but at this moment there are 3 color keys. key0 is till white, key1 is green and on top of key0, "old" key1 becomes key2.
The solution for the moment is to adding a key at pos. 0.99999 but that is not the real thing...
Any solution to edit the key color?
Or maybe I just miss something?


.RMLimit can not be set via script as well.



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