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Two AB systems blowing out when rendered together...
Here's the problem: I've got 2 Afterburn systems, one "small", one "large" using sticky particles based off of some verts. I'm using the AB Shadow Map on some spotlights, Lambert shader, "sphere" and "smoke" type and the "raymarcher" rendering type. They have 2 different step sizes. Shadow Cast, Shadow Receive and Self Shadows are all turned on[b][/b].

If I render the "large" clouds by themselves, looks great. When I render the "small" clouds by themselves, great. When I render them together[b][/b], though, the "small" clouds not only blow out to pure white, but lose their noise.

I've tried turning off some of the lights for the "small" system (large and small share lights) thinking that somehow it was multiplying the lights on themselves, and this works a bit, but the noise is still gone. Again, though, only the "small" clouds are affected.

What's going on here? Here are some pics...
interesting.. you got a scene ?
that could \ should go in the bug report ..
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Try rendering with raytraced shadows - that's always the thing to chceck with AB4.
The ab shadowmap proved to be a little winy at times Wink so let's rule this out first.

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