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How to create a face in a sandstorm (like the one in The Mummy) ?

I want to create the effect of a face in a sandstorm (like the face of Imotep that appears in the sandstorm in The Mummy), but I have no clue how to do this. I started with making the face (or in my case, as a test, a simple sphere), and made that an emitter. But the contours of the object aren't really clear. Moreover, this is the object on itself, but how do I make it a part of the sandstorm ? Do I need several FFX grids for this ? I've searched the internet for a tutorial on this, but can't find anything. Another question: can this uberhaupt be done with FumeFX ? Or do I need Thinking Particles for it (or other plugins/software like Krakatoa) ?

Thanks !

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