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Crash on "Add Server" under Vista 64?
To get my systems all up and running Max 2012 properly, today I decided to update them with the latest version of Afterburn, which uses the AfterFLICS licensing. The first system I updated is a Windows XP 64 machine that had an older version using DcpFLICS installed under Max 2011, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it there on the Max 2011 and 2012 installations.

I have my AfterFLICS license server set up on a different system in my rack, "HO-Rack1", which is IP address, so when I launched Max and brought up the Afterburn UI, it popped up the licensing stuff and I added the server, then authorized it. It works perfectly on the XP 64 machine on both Max 2011 and 2012.

Next I went to install it on my Vista Business 64 machine. Got it installed in both the Max 2011 and 2012 installations, and launched Max 2011 and brought up the Afterburn UI, which gave me the AfterFLICS dialog. I typed in the IP address of the licensing server ( and clicked on "Add Server" as before, but after a couple of seconds, Max crashed. I restarted Max and tried again with the licensing server machine name (HO-Rack1) but clicking on "Add Server" again crashed max. The same crash happens under Max 2012 on the Vista machine.

I have tried rebooting the machine and have double-checked the firewall to be sure the AfterFLICS ports and programs are allowed access, but the crashes continue.

I know Vista added some security features that XP doesn't have, but so far have not found out what is wrong.

Has anyone else run into this issue with Vista? Suggestions are welcome!
Hello Tom !

It's probably a bug in the AfterFLICS dialog that will be looked into.
For now, you can go to Program Files AFLICS folder and open AfterFLICS.ini in a text editor and change server name from localhost to your server IP or name.

I hope this helps.



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