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Afterburn4.0b Coloured Self Shadow not working?
Hi, since Afterburn 4.0b,
I cannot render Afterburn smoke with coloured selfshadow.

All of Shadow parameter inside afterburn are enabled (ie Shadow Cast,Recieve,Self shadow)
and I've tried all of Shadow Types including Vray, but it did not give me with coloured shadow...
all shadow are given black colour (not the colour I specified like green or blue).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?
(Colored Shadows checkbox seems to be not included in Afterburn 4.0b)

Here is system config:

Afterburn 4.0b
Max 2010 x64 sp1
WinXP x64


I just figured out that when I turned off "lambert mode" then set ambient 0, colour 1, it did render with coloured shadow correctly.

make sure that enabling environment for light as well.

apology for such a dull post lol

I am glad that you were able to solve it !


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