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FumeFX 6.1.1 [max] update - Kresimir Tkalcec - 10-06-2023

Introducing our latest FumeFX 6.1.1 update, packed with exciting features and improvements to enhance your workflow:

Quick Presets for Speedy Operations
We've introduced the Quick Presets menu option, designed for a quick start of your NodeWorks setups. With this feature, you can swiftly create and load voxel grids, convert objects to cloth or soft body, set up rigid body dynamics using PhysX or create a complete explosion setup with just one mouse click. Actions are context-sensitive, adapting to the selected objects in your scene, making your work more intuitive and efficient.

Enhanced Disk and Memory Cache Management
We've optimized the disk and memory cache sizes, resulting in smaller file sizes, reduced memory consumption, and faster caching. In scenarios where you're dealing with millions of particles saved to disk, you can expect caching times to be cut in half, significantly boosting your productivity.

Memory Caching Support for Points Display Type
Now, you can take advantage of memory caching support for the points display type within the Grid Display node, allowing for smoother and more responsive interactions with your voxel grids.

Streamlined Voxel Grid Manipulation
Our "Initialize Grid" and "Load Grid" nodes have been enhanced with a convenient "Create Position Helper" button. This feature sets up the Object Info node and point helper, providing you with a quick and efficient way to manipulate your voxel grids with precision.
ISurf, Spline Force, FumeFX Force, 3ds max Forces and Perlin Noise nodes added Grid input pin so that users can easily apply those nodes to entire voxel grid.

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