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FumeFX 6.1 [max] update - Kresimir Tkalcec - 09-06-2023

September 6th, 2023 - Sitni Sati releases FumeFX 6.1 for 3ds max®.
We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our 3ds max plugin, designed to supercharge your creative process. Here's what's new:

- We've introduced a powerful memory caching system that covers a wide range of elements, including particles, particle shapes, custom channels, Arnold procedurals, splines, fibers, and voxel grid displays. This groundbreaking feature will revolutionize your NodeWorks workflow, providing a seamless and lightning-fast playbacks right within the 3ds max viewport.

- For users of 3ds max 2023 and newer, we've added GPU viewport display support for the Display Grid node. Now you can harness the full potential of your graphics card and display voxel animation in real-time without waiting for slow disk caches to load.

- Added support for Arnold Procedurals .ass files (Arnold's render proxy) display inside the 3ds max viewport. Arnold Procedural .ass file can contain large set of data, like entire city block, that can be scattered by using the NodeWorks particles and visualized directly inside the 3ds max viewport

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Complete list of changes is available here