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Sim Crash at specific Frame - mudskipper - 07-09-2019

Hi there,

[ W7pro - 2*1080TI 430.86 - 2* Xeon2687W - C4D 20.57 ]

I am getting a sim Crash always on the same frame wich also crashes C4D. First i thought it might be the GPU preview wich slows down the overall sim time considerably but getting the same crash with the GPU preview switched off. Trying to get some steam from within the engine room to emit through vents in the hood and the Grill. i build a proxy geo as a collider. All the sim settings are pretty much default as i am just getting started.
Fume crashes once it reaches frame number 67.
Also i have to restart C4D sometimes to get any effect of changing Values in the either the fumeFX object as well as in the Source object.

--- After some more testing the frame count now is a different one for each crash ---
--- More testing the collider seems to cause the crash ----

Thanks for taking a look

Re: Sim Crash at specific Frame - mudskipper - 07-10-2019

Hi ,

I found what caused the crash - it seems that fume rather handles many smaller collider objects than one bigger one. I had my collider proxy combined into one object. Once i used separate objekts all with tags for collision it just went fine through the complete sim.