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Waterfall - Still Image - hri-hri - 10-06-2015

Hi there! I try to simulate a waterfall with FumeFX.
I tought of FumeFx because I like its light/shadow and volume accuracy compared to painting waterfall in post or using stock images, which are never going to match the perspective.
There might be a better software to simulate waterfall, but FumeFX is the one I have currently and I do not want to invest in a new software..

Unfortunately I have poor experience with Particles and Fluids. So I hope someone could give me some advice. I am aiming at very high image quality in matter of detail and realism!

Is the following workflow the right one?

1. Particle simulation
2. FumeFX
3. Rendering out with Vray only FumeFX

Some other questions:

On Particle Simulation:
1.1. Particles or nParticles?
1.2. nPrticle has default settings for water, are those good?
1.3. Dose the size matter in relation with both Particles/nParticles and FumeFX?

In my render scene I have a real size Cliff of 20m (2000 Maya units) and the waterfall should fall from the top.
1.3.1. Will I get better results if I scale down the simulation?

On FumeFX:
2.1. As I wrote, I have no experience with FumeFX. I also couldn't find no good tutorials for FumeFX/Maya. And the most of them are for smoke which goes up and I need it to fall down.

On rendering with Vray:
3.1. Can I take a single frame of the simulation, freeze it so I can eventually transform it and use it in my final render? It is for a still image..

Thank you for your help!