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  Light smoke how-to
Posted by: Fabrice - 09-21-2022, 10:57 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (2)

Hi all,
how to make some lighrt smoke ?
like some paper burning...(see jpg please)

The default FumeFx smoke is way to big/heavy.
I tried making a smaller emiter and zooming in but it's not quit convincing.
What are the proper parameters for lighter smoke?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  About Void Src
Posted by: Jumpei.F - 09-16-2022, 11:08 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (4)


I have a question about Void Src.
I would like to source any object and erase voxels.

Thank you.

  Cant change spacing value
Posted by: Fabrice - 09-15-2022, 01:23 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (6)

Hi all,
with a default fumeFX + default simple source the simulation runs fine.
But if I change the spacing value (to 2 or 5 for example) then Max freezes instantly (and crash a few seconds after) as soon as I launch the simulation.
It doesnt crash all the time but maybe 9 times over 10.

But with the default spacing value of 1 the simulation works.

Is there something I miss?

  About FFXVertexPaint
Posted by: Jumpei.F - 09-07-2022, 08:31 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (4)


I have a question about FFX Vertex Paint.
I am using FFX ver.5.1 and FFX Vertex Paint does not work well.
The FFX data synthesized from the sample scene in the following tutorial can simulate smoke as shown in the tutorial.


Attached is a test scene with FFX grid test1 synthesized from the sample and FFX grid test2 newly generated under the same conditions as the sample.
In test1, smoke can be generated from the vertex color as shown in the tutorial, but in test2, smoke is generated from the entire emitter.

FFX Vertex Paint is a very useful feature and I would be happy to know the cause and remedy for the above.

Thank you.

Attached Files
.zip   FFXVertexPeint_Test.zip (Size: 73.07 KB / Downloads: 2)

  FumeFX Xpreso nodes
Posted by: GeordiePigeonOwner - 08-30-2022, 12:18 AM - Forum: FumeFX [C4D] - Replies (4)

Does anyone have a working example of the xpresso nodes documented here.  http://docs.afterworks.com/FumeFX5C4D/Fu...rators.htm

the docs ain't great and there are no tutorials anywhere?

can anyone help?

  FumeFX 6.0 public beta is now open
Posted by: Kresimir Tkalcec - 08-25-2022, 07:23 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

FumeFX 6 beta is now open to everyone!

FumeFX 6 is about to become the most exciting FumeFX release ever! It is a completely new, node-based procedural system that includes particle system, rope, rigid body dynamics, cloth with plastic deformations and tear, soft body dynamics with plastic deformations, inflatable softbody, voxel grid manipulation, node based access to FumeFX simulation and interaction, character animation control, extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels, particle mesher with Arnold motion blur support and much, much more.
With over 140 ready to use nodes artists can create a completely new range of visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently than ever before.
Controlling FumeFX simulation or modifying existing caches by using the modern node based workflow opens up endless possibilities.

New features list:
- Node based system with more than 140 ready to use nodes.
- Particles with custom channels, groups and clusters.
- Easy node-based post processing of particle caches including retiming, particle attribute change, geometry replacement and more.
- Rope simulation.
- Cloth dynamics with plastic deformations and tear.
- Soft body dynamics with plastic deformations.
- Inflatable soft body.
- Rigid body dynamics (PhysX).
- Character animation control.
- ISurf for fast particle meshing using Metaballs, Zhu-Bridson and Anisotropic models. It also allows meshing of FumeFX channels.
- Collective behavior simulation.
- Voronoi fragmentation with various methods for cluster point generation.
- Progressive geometry fragmentation at face/polygon level.
- Voxel grids - loading, per-voxel manipulation, caching and rendering.
- FumeFX caches loading, processing and re-caching.
- Node based access to FumeFX simulation process and voxels.
- Direct FumeFX addition of sources and collision objects.
- Extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels.

It is available as a free, fully functional commercial license that is valid until 3.3.2023.
FumFX 6 beta can be used for leaning purposes, for non-commercial project or in a large studio for a major blockbuster film project at no charge during this beta period. Whatever project you have, feel free to use it and share your experience on our support forum.

Get your free FumeFX 6 license from our FumeFX 6.0 public beta forum.

Documentation: http://docs.afterworks.com/FumeFX6max/Introduction.htm
Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/sitnisati/
FumeFX Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164868190323236

We are looking forward to your participation in this exciting beta.

  Afterflics Excessive CPU Usage
Posted by: shawnolson - 08-18-2022, 12:54 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (3)

Something that has been happening regularly for the last few years is that Afterflics uses up 25% of my server CPU continuously. When this happens I have to kill Afterflics in taskmanager and restart the service manually.

Any chance to get an update that might address this? Not sure if others are having this issue.

  About temperature units
Posted by: Jumpei.F - 06-27-2022, 06:17 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (6)

Hello everyone.
What are the units of temperature in FumeFx?
I always thought the unit was Kelvin, but I guess not?

  C4D R25 Crashing when starting simulation using custom object
Posted by: SoloJoep - 04-13-2022, 04:10 PM - Forum: FumeFX [C4D] - Replies (1)

I'm very new to FumeFX, and I'm experiencing C4D R25 crashing each time I try to run a (VERY basic) simulation using a simple cone object, or any custom model for that matter. A sphere and cube seem to work, but not what I'm needing.

Are there any known limitations at this point using custom objects?

OS X 11.6.1
C4D R25.117

  explosion with rolling black smoke wrapping around the fire inside
Posted by: thomastraum - 04-01-2022, 12:31 AM - Forum: FumeFX [C4D] - Replies (4)

how can I achieve this type of rolling smoke wrappign around the flames, see screenshot and video? my sims are fire / flames then smoke but not the two together swirling around so beautifully

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zwr6f7tyohmo ... g.png?dl=0
https://arena-attachments.s3.amazonaws. ... 1648418049

here one of mine:

do I need a lot slower burn rate? or more smoke? there are so many settings.