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  Benchmark scenes?
Posted by: Fabrice - 11-27-2022, 06:34 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (3)

the simulation take long time on my machine even with very low settings.
I compare to the "FumeFX for 3ds Max Essentials Part 1 - Introduction and Overview" youtube tuto (at 3:50)
with a default grid + default simple source and my PC is 30% slower.

As the tuto is is 3 years old I was hoping to be at least a bit faster.

Is there a problem with my hardware?
Are there some benchmark scenes to check this?

My config :
Lenovo p620
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 3.50 GHz
128Go ram
2xRTX3090 GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming EPIC-X

Max2021 + FumeFx 5.12

  Smoke gradualy appears
Posted by: Fabrice - 11-27-2022, 05:55 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (3)

very newbie question:

I'm making some magical smoke (no fuel, no fire)
and I want it to appear very gradualy and get more and more dense over a few seconds.

What parameter should I animate to get this effect?

  FumeFX Vorticity / Krakatoa Water Foam
Posted by: Imatk - 11-22-2022, 05:47 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (6)

I've created a sim in FumeFX.

I've used Pflow with the follow fume node and have particles.

I took those particles and rendered them into partitions in Krakatoa.

Then I meshed those particles with Frost.

I'm trying to add Foam to my render now by utilizing vorticity from the particles, but the only vorticity that Krakatoa recognizes is from Real Flow.

Is there a way to get foam particles that are based off of vorticity out of FumeFX or am I going about this the wrong way?

  Inconsistent smoke animation
Posted by: Fabrice - 11-19-2022, 06:47 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (14)

Hi again,

I have this animated character and I use tyFlow to "mesh" it and then emit some smoke from this TyMesher.

But the smoke sometimes seems to have little "explosions" in it (frames 357 and 393) :

It should be linear as there's no animated keys neither on the FumeFx object nor on the FFX Geom Src.

Do you have any idea what can happen please?

  Emit smoke along a mesh portion
Posted by: Fabrice - 11-17-2022, 08:57 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (4)

I have this animated character.
I would like him to emit smoke but starting from his head, then head + torso ... until his whole body emits smoke.

How can I achieve this effect?
For example is it possible to emit smoke from an animated polygon selection?

  Viewport display issues
Posted by: Fabrice - 11-15-2022, 08:15 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (5)

Hi all,

in a scene I work I simply cant see the voxel or the GPU viewport display.

I mean :

when I run the simulation everything is fine I can see the voxel or GPU display in the viewports

but as soon as I want to play it (or scrub the timeline) I see none of them.

If I make a new scene from scratch it works fine

so there must be some settings in my working scene that make voxels and GPU display disappear...but wich one?

If anybody has any idea Sad

  !! urgent help please !! Dose fumefx has a (Body Force) option?
Posted by: Abdullah Elsayed - 11-05-2022, 01:01 AM - Forum: FumeFX [C4D] - Replies (1)

Hi everyone

I am trying to create a smoke logo with fumefx i want the smoke to be attracted to the logo object but I can't find any tool to do that in fumefx something like Body Force in another simulation app.

you can check this small video it has the exact effect I am looking to do with fumefx I uploaded some photos too 


thanks for your cooperation

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  Grid size Limit
Posted by: GeordiePigeonOwner - 10-05-2022, 08:42 PM - Forum: FumeFX [C4D] - Replies (5)

is there a grid size limit. i'm trying to do a space explosion of a fast moving ship and it always suspends after about 23frames

I was wondering if there's a grid size limit?  i have128GB RAM and the sim is only saying it is 9Gb?  I don't get it?

  FumeFX wont pickup Tyflow
Posted by: Fabrice - 09-23-2022, 01:54 PM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (1)

I want to create an explosion based on Tyflow.

I created a simple explosion with Tyflow.
I created an FFX particle srce object.
But I cant pick the Tyflow with it...
Anybody knows why ?

  FumeFX network rendering policy
Posted by: Fabrice - 09-22-2022, 09:06 AM - Forum: FumeFX [max] - Replies (6)

I have 1 permanent FumeFX worstation licence.
I understand to simulate on more than 1 PC I need to buy FumeFX simulation licences.

But in order to network render (with Backburner) do I need to buy 1 licence for each additional PC ?