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feature request / mesh generation and max pipeline integrati

May I suggest some features that would be great additions to this wonderful smoke simulator?

1- Mesh generation: like we can do in maya fluids, could be great to be able to generate a mesh that approximately define the smoke volume. It would be useful for cross-software work. Like if I want to render something in maya and add some fumeFX, I could use the geo created by fume in maya to cast shadow etc. We could also in max use a mesh generated by a fumeFX box and use it as a collision object for another fumeFX box for example to make a light smoke collide with a heavier one.

2- Max integration: It would be very useful to have fumeFX cache paths in the "manage/assest tracking" of max. So we can change all fumeFX path in one place and very faster than opening each fumeFX dialog one after the other or typing maxscripts.

2b- by the way, could it be possible to have the option to resize fumeFX dialog to better see the cache path.

3- Max integration: Also I would like to get a separate object category for fluids. In the hide category I would like to check only fluids instead of fume being part of the geometry category... Would be great to see this reflected as an icon in the scene explorer and select from scene dialog too. Complex scenes would be easier to manage.

thank you

Thank you for your wishlist.
Meshing is doable for 3.0 as 2.0 features are locked.
Right now I can tell that resizing cannot be done, as well as new category.
Problem with categoy is that it was not possible to add new ones to 3ds max as I am aware of,
but will check if this changed.



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