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FumeFX MaxScript Suggestions
Simulation Window:
  1. stopPressed(), canceledPressed(), pausePressed()
    • These functions will help control heavy voxel FOR loops.
  2. holdOpen and endBeep
    • Toggles for the Hold Open and End Beep checkboxes.

Preview Window:
  1. Access to the options in the window (View, Refresh, Quality)...
  2. getSize(), setSize()
    • Customly get/set the size of the preview image.
  3. getImage()
    • Get the image in the window as a bitmap.

Script List:
  • Maybe add a script file list. Each script can have its own set of callback functions, and each file is executed sequentially.
  • If possible, each script could also run on their own separate thread.
    [Image: scriptlistui.gif]

  • preStep and preObject
    • callbacks that we could run before the simulation step starts.

Voxel Data Access
  • A way to read voxel data directly from the FumFx node.
    $MyFumeFx.getSmoke 10 25 38
  • This would greatly help simplify reading data from other grids even while simulating.
  • I'm also thinking that this can probably be used to create quick viewport previews.
Jeff Lim

Thank you.
There will be more MXS callbacks regarding PW for ver 2.0.


>There will be more MXS callbacks regarding PW for ver 2.0.
That would be awesome. Big Grin
Jeff Lim

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