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Network Simulation and Rendering Issue
Hi all.

I'm having an issue when simming on a network computer and then trying to render that sim on multiple machines.

I can get the simulation to run fine on a network computer. Once the simulation is finished and all the data is saved I open the max file again and check the sim in the preview window just to make sure that the simulation worked ok.

I turn off the BB button in the Fume GUI because I don't want the simulation to re-calculate. I enable the frame range that I want to render and select all available servers so I can use all of the render boxes.

Here's my issue. Once I send the file out to render, the simulation will re-start on one computer and mess up the renders because it will calculate the sim differently.

I have the BB button turned off so I'm not sure if I'm missing something simple or what's going on. It's driving me insane.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using Max2009 on 64bit Vista (not my fault) and net rendering with BB.


Hello Darren,

Is it always the same machine that runs the simulation ?
Could it be that somehow it has stuck with some old sim job, or something like that ?

Hi Kresmir.

No. It seems to be the first computer that picks up the job. Even if I only select a single computer to do the render, it will start the simulation again. And killing the job in backburner doesn't stop the simulation either. Strange issue.

Thanks for your help.

This is really strange, as plugin checks for the status of the button and network rendering flag (from 3ds max), and if both conditions are met, simulation begins as a network simulation.
I'll keep an eye on this.



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