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MR / FumeFX -- am I a version back or something?
Max 2010 (64bit) - - Teapot scene (Tut04), but likely an issue with all files....

Simulate and render any frame with scanline or FinalRender - works fine.

Render with MR get the following error:

MSG 0.0 error: Atmospheric "FusionWorks Renderer" is not supported.
MSG 0.0 error: Object < FumeFX01 > has invalid texture vertices and may not render correctly.

Normally I don't even bother with MR, but was playing around...it DOES seem to render, I just get this error.

Probably missed a post here, or a version....I'm on 1.2b according to the About screen....also, probably unrelated, but the screen tells me "Lock is Not detected" -- did I somehow lose authorization?

EDIT/UPDATE: Moving to FumeFX version 1.2d gets rid of the vertices error, but I still get the message that FusionWorks is not supported.

EDIT2 - found post where mentioned this error....even though it apparently is working this way for everyone, it is unsettling...no way to remove this in the future?

If you're rendering with mr, you can simple disable FusionWorks as it's not needed.



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