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FumeFx 1.2d on 2008x64 + make preview = crash
When I use FumeFx 1.2d on max 2008x64 and try to make a preview max crashes.
It crashes with basic setups like a simple emitter and default spacing grid.
Just create a fume grid, a simple emitter and simulate, after that try to make a preview.

Vista x64, 3dsmax 2008x64, FumeFx 1.2d, Q6600, 8GB ram
You're missing a codec FumeFX uses.
Grab cinepak and Microsoft Video codecs for Vista 64 bit.
We will improve codec selection for FumeFX 2.0.


Thank you for your reply, but it I can't find any installer or something which looked working for me. I can just find cinepak codecs for 32 bit, and on these sites Vista and XP aren't even mentioned Wink . Anothjer thing is: max2009 and 2010 can make previews, just 2008 can not. Same system.
That's interesting as preview functions are even not related to 3ds max.
Since create preview works on other 64 bit 3ds max builds, it seems you have the right codec installed.
Sorry than I can't help you more with this.



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