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reflection pass technique?
Hi there,

I've been playing around with fume/mental ray and I finding that I can't seem to get an accurate reflection pass out of MAX. Fume is working great with FG/GI, but is there a way to seperate that out from the actual fire render?

the left render is great, but what I want to achieve for the reflection pass is to split it up obviously for a comper...just the fire alpha on the cylinder. It's looking like this isn't possible? they only work together?

render elements in max don't seem to do anything
I would go for it as I would go for Afterburn and other atmospheric reflections:

render a defuse pass for fire & smoke, and one for reflections with fume not visible to camera.

to get the alpha of the reflections, put a solid white color into the fume colors, and render them out.

now you'll have a fully white reflection, a color reflection, and a fume defuse pass.

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