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fire light onto max objects?
This is my tea pot render test and I am wondering how would I get the light of the fire to light up the floor and wall. I do see it on the tea pot but with a flame this big it would definatly show up on ground and walls. This was render in Max 2010 with mental ray using fume fx 1.2D
Any help on this will be appreciated.

Inside mental ray check Enable Final Gathering, enable Auto Volume and that's it.

I do have both of these settings active and think this is why you are able to see it on the tea pot. I did check my scene closer and the back walls are over 75 feet away so I guess I can understand maybe why the fire light is not hitting them but the tea pot is 13 feet tall and the flames get to about 55 feet so I am not to sure why the fire light is not showing up at all on the ground with a flame that size.
I can see light from fire on the teapot handle - maybe you can remove teapot as it's obscuring the light that should hit the ground ?
Ok did a render wtih out tea pot and it does now show light on the ground but not very much. For a flame this size you would see a lot more fire light on the ground. Is there a way to up the power of the fire light?
This time a added a mental ray omni light to creat fire light. I like the look of it and also that it creates shadows. I feel the default fume fx fire source is just to weak and has the short coming of not creating shadows.

or you can try turning up the mr FG multiplier in the fume dialog
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I think i tried that and I did not see much of a change but I will look into it. Do you have any suggestions on a setting I start with?

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