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Fume not reading it's existing cache
Running into another issue with network simming.

Using Deadline, FUMEfx 1.2, MAX 2010 64 , windows vista

I can network sim fine. The problem is if I stop it early and open up my local scene.

If you open your preview window you will see that it has in fact cached out, but if you want to continue simming locally it doesn't recognize say the last 50 frames or so and wants to resim those frames that are technically already there. These frames are also renderable, which makes me think I might have found a bug.

so just to be clear,
I have frames 1600-1675 simmed that are renderable , visable etc
but when I want to sim from 1675 on it says "found existing sim starting at frame 1610" instead of 1675.
It can be that you have canceled sim instead of stopoing it.
To continue from an fxd file, right click on the stop/continue button.
To continue from fxd file you had to export velocity, temperature and all other channels that were simulated.



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