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FumeFX1.2 and MR network Rendering
K, so quick question.

we have the MR render licenses installed on our farm. Those are all good to go. So my question is..

in my local scene before I submit to the farm. I have the FumeFX-mr shader picked in a slot in my material editor. Now, do I need to apply that to anything? or is it just needed in Max's material slot?

I pick the shader and all I get is a "Reauthorize FumeFX-mr" button in it's options. Do I need to authorize anything? If I do pick this button, nothing happends.
After you have authorized - you don't need to do anything.
FumeFX-mr shader is integrated as any other 3ds max shader - no extra params, etc.
This dialog is there for auth purposes only.


thanks for the response,
so it basically just needs to be loaded and in the scene as it shows now? So I should be all set to submit now?

Or do I need to actually apply this shader to something before submit?
You don't need to do absolutely nothing more than fire scene to network rendering and relax Smile
FumeFX-mr shader will be automatically applied to FumeFX object and translated to mental ray.
..the same as you would render with Scanline.


Kresimir Tkalcec
K, great.

So I kicked it off to a network render and I now get this.

Using Deadline by the way:

(it's basically saying there's a dialog popping up saying this) It doesn't look like a "hostel error" but it still cause the job to error out and restart itself every frame. Keep in mind this same job works locally

Exception during render: An error occurred in RenderTasks(): RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Dialog popup detected: Title "AfterFLICS", Message "List of License Servers available") (Deadline.Plugins.ScriptPlugin+FailRenderException) (Deadline.Plugins.RenderPluginException)
at Deadline.Plugins.ScriptPlugin.RenderTasks(Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame, String& outMessage)
It seems that your render nodes does not pick licenses from the license server.
All nodes should have AFLICS installed, they should point to the license server, and server
should allow all nodes to get a license.
Is this how you have set it up ?

yes we definitely do.

I currently have two of the same job going on different nodes..all with aflic installed

1 is throwing out the same error, the other is hanging there at 12min with no progress and no errors.
Check AfterFLICS_tools on the license server machine and see if you have your licenses authorize there.
Also, tweak your firewall - enable ports 5002 and 5003.
It's usually firewall that is causing AFLICS communication problems.


k, I'll check it out

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