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Max2010x64 and Ffx 1.2d crash
Hello everyone,
I have a very serious problem here.
When I use TP (3 sp2) and FumeFx 1.2d and pick a tp group as a fumefx particle emitter, fumeFx freezes and won't do anything more.
Please look at the attached screenshot and sample scene.

It is a max2010 issue only, 2009 works. I used TP and FumeFx before, so I can say that this is not my fault :wink:

[edit] Sorry, I accidently posted in the wrong section, please move it
I would like this to be cleared up as well. It's very unclear if this bug is fixed or not. Half of the forums say it is, half don't..

Is this bug fixed? what do we need to do to fix it? reinstall?
I tested it on 3 different machines now, and a friend of mine did test it on his, too. Everytime FumeFx freezes. :|
So, after the "bug posting guidelines" i will add some information:
- My system: Vista 64, Q6600 CPU, 8GB ram, Max2010x64 (with and without sp1), FumeFX 1.2d for max2010x64, Thinking particles 3 sp2
- To get the error: Just create a position born operator in tp, add a particle source emitter in FumeFX, pick the tp particles, and run the simulation with default settings (or just run my file and click simulate, it is set up exactly as described)
- As mentioned before, it works in 2009x64 with same system configuration and fumeFx1.2d for max2009x64.
- As mentioned before, 4 different systems - same error in 2010x64

So please, could anyone (if possible from afterworks themselfs) just run the file and tell me if they can reproduce it or not.
I use it nearly every day, and I'm waiting just for a working fumeFX version to switch completely to 2010.
Thank you very much for details.
As I'm writing this, I'm in a direct contact with cebas and we're looking into max 2010 issue.
I will post our findings ASAP.


Kresimir Tkalcec
Thanks! Great! Smile I could have had the idea to ask Edwin myself (as i'm in the cebas beta), but I thought it would be a FumeFX bug. I will get on his nerves 'till he found something :wink:
No problems at all.
They are really responsive and we usually fix all inter-connection issues in a matter of days.
Any news on that?
It's been almost a month Smile
Nope.. it's a mistery as it hangs to them and crashes here.

Finally, the solution was found thanks to communication with cebas.
It seems that the problem was caused (very probably) by 3ds max 2010 code changes.
I hope that FumeFX 1.2e will be released next week, along with this fix.

Thank you for your patience.


We are going to upgrade our FumeFx to Max 2010.
We dont use TP, but should we wait to install till after version 1.2e is released?

We make things crash and burn........
As far as I know it's only a TP-related problem so you don't risk anything.
That said it's always smart to install the updates as they come to have the most up to date software.

So that's really a question for you, will you be willing to reinstall the plugin in a week or two or you can wait and install it only once Smile
There will be other small bug fixes... but you can always remove current version and install new one.
If you're going to deploy on many machines, then you can wait few more days for 1.2e.


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