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Max2010 x64 - no TP plugin
I checked Optional during installation but in the optional folder there is only the PF plugin - the installer didn't install the TP plugin.
I already have TP installed.

1. Could someone confirm it - maybe there is an error in the installer.
2. Could someone email me just the TP plugin file to kaczorefxwp.pl - I don't want to go through installation again Wink
At the time of plugin release, there were no TP for max 2010 available.
We plan to post an update next week with minor FFX fixes and TP for max 2010.


Kresimir Tkalcec
I am new to fume fx so sorry if this is an obvious question. Is this a plug in that works with the CEBAS TP 3 plug in for max?
Yes it works with Tp 3 for max 2010 .. at least it should ..

i think cebas released it not soo long ago ..
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Thanks Rif,
Sorry let me rephraes this. I am wanting to know if TP that you all are talking about Fume Fx plugin working with is the TP program from Sebas or is there another TP plugin I am not aware of?
This is the Cebas particle plugin Smile
This is the Cebas particle plugin Smile
Thank your for clarification I did not want to be missing out on something here.
Hey Kreso - Max 2010 installer - x64 version - still doesn't install the TP plugin even though it's selected and later when I run the installer in Modify mode it confirms that the TP plugin was installed.
The only single file I get in the optional folder is the PFlow plugin Sad((

I just downloaded the latest 1.2d installer from the user area Sad(
I'm so sorry for this mistake Confusedhock: .
Installer are reuploaded, now with TP operators.
..now I wonder where those TP op files ended up from the first installer.

Thanks for pointing this out.


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