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Fume 1.2 and Vray - bright buckets?
Hey, We just got upgraded to afterburn 4 and installed it along with fume 1.2 I put together a simple render farm test for myself to make sure all the machines had the 2 plugins along with vray and I got very interesting results. These are pretty much out of the box settings.

Many (not all) of the rendered frames have really bright buckets, which seem to throw off really bright GI? (See attached image)
Any thoughts on what might cause this?

Over a year since I posted this and no one ever had the same problem, or ran into this?
I have had some funky buckets (a few times that I remember), usually only a single bucket and never repeatable and never in the same place, always went away after a reboot.

Besides the bright bucket, are those all splotchy gi samples from a low gi setting? pick up in the teapot refraction too, kinda funky square bokeh looking Smile
Funny enough, Mine went away after a crash or something? It could be low settings, this is just my render farm test file.
It's hard to say what could cause that, but too low samples might cause it in VRay, but I've not seen anything like that in fR or mr.
In mr with low samples you would get circle-like artifacts, but have no idea why in VRay whole bucket would be wrong.
Disco buckets! Big Grin Groovy :H
Disco ball artifacts Smile

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