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Can we get this wavlet tech going

I cant describe how amazing this would be, i think this is possible, to write out the info via script from fume, but getting it back into a fxd? I have no idea?

Every user would benefit from this, the source code is free, it is a personal project of mine to try and get this working with fume. Anybody with me?
hehe, definitely...altough I doubt that i'd be a help :lol:
what's the plan?
Mouthwatering Smile))
coool, i love this comparison:
Jeff Lim
Have you seen the Houdini 10 preview.

They're getting the upsizing tech thing Sad
..the ball is rolling :wink:

I can't say much more, but don't expect miracles.
It is not ultra tubro fast, and probably with 64 Gb of memory
you won't be able to go over 1000x1000x1000.

Scratching my head over this - 64 big memory???

I assumed that you meant 64 GIG memory - but then the 1000x1000x1000 grid limit sounds strange.

I lately simmed a 1300x1300x1300 grid on a 8GB mashine Smile

Yes, but I was talking about size of actually used grid, not about FumeFX grid boundaries Smile
You can set it to 10000^3, and actually use a small portion of it.
I think he was talking about the wavelet tech Smile, I could be wrong though...
I saw this in youtube:

Kinda cool to also have this in line for the future releases... Big Grin
Jeff Lim

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