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Maxscript and FFX
hi guys.

I was wondering if there is a way to get the objects/sources/spacewarps list using ms????

i know how to add and remove them but not how to get a list of it
Here is a simple script I wrote a while back that loads the selected objects into an array and adds them to a listbox.

Feel free to pull it apart, see if it is what you are looking for.

[Image: FXObjSelector_H.png]

i know your script Wink

but i m speaking about the FFX ui obj/src tab

[Image: FFXui.jpg]
Oh, I see what your saying.

Hmmm, afaik, no there isn't, at least not directly anyway. There maybe a way I just can't see it, sorry Sad
i'm still looking for it.

i ll let you know if i find it out
I'm pretty sure you can.. I dont have max with me right now unfortunately but I'm quite confident I've done this
try a showproperties on your container or look through the maxscript help for fume (I'm sure you've probably done both of these already) but I believe it reads in the objects like an array, so you make an array with the objects in it and add the array, but I dont have the exact property you need to use with me but I'm pretty sure its doable..
Allan McKay
Autodesk Master 2007
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Tried it, works for everything BUT the objects tab Sad The only one that returns an array is the Light list.

By guessing with the input

So I guess it is there just not accessible? Any ideas?

The objects/sources tab is a strange beast, no trackview for object speed multiplier (it is keyframable but you can't see your keys). Trackview for sources must be done on the object, it doesn't work correctly through the Fume interface. Object controller in the trackview is there but empty? Limited script support.
This function should give you an array of sources that the fume is dependent on. Not exactly what you want but close:

fn GetFumeSources MyFume =
SourceArray = #()
for obj in objects where classof obj == Particle_Src or classof obj == Simple_Src or classof obj == Object_Src do
isDependant = false
for dep in refs.dependents obj where dep == Myfume while isDependant == false do isDependant = true
if isDependant then append SourceArray obj

myFumeSources = GetFumeSources $FumeFX01

if you want space warps, lights etc you can just change the "for obj in...." line to filter what you want
Jordan Walsh
VFX Technical Director

Showreel 2012
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Nice one Big Grin works a charm! Thanks Jordan Wink

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